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Labor Day sales 2018 are expected to provide a variety of awesome deals to the customers. Many shops and e-marketing websites have broadcasted to offer various discounts on a Labor Day mattress sale. There are mainly 2 types of mattresses: one provides spring suspension while others use memory foams. Studies state that best suspension is provided by the memory foams. The positively reviewed and best quality memory foam mattresses in

In Labor Day sales 2018, Serta Perfect Sleeper Alesbury Set will be available on The mattress Firm at $399. The mattress is made from gel and memory foam, and the seller is going to offer a warranty of 100days/ 10 years. Serta Perfect Sleeper Tranquil Haven Cushion Firm Set is made from the same components of the above mattress and will be available on Macy’s at $997. They are going to present a warranty of 60 days/10 years.

Amerisleep AS3 bed will be available on at $1199. It is a very positively reviewed and loved brand among the consumers. The materials are plant derived memory foam. The warranty will be for 100 days/20 years. Macy’s will also sell Macybed Lux Plus 11″ Firm Set at $1,397. This mattress is made from gel and memory foam. Macy’s will be providing a warranty of 60 days/ 10 years.

Serta will be selling its own Serta iComfort Blue 300 Firm Set at $1399. The mattress is consists of gel memory foam, foam and memory foam. Serta is going to offer a 120 days/10 years warranty. Sealy Conform Thrilled Plush Set is made up of plush gel memory foam. It will be sold by Sears at $1549 only. A warranty of 60 days/10 years will be provided.

Amerisleep AS5 The mattress will be sold on the official website at $1899. It is composed of plant based memory foam and an extra layer of active flex and affinity layer. The warranty provided will be of 100 days/ 20 years. Tempur Contour Rhapsody Luxe The mattress is a memory foam mattress. It will be sold at $3199 on Tempurpedic. A warranty of 90 days/10 years will be provided with this product.

Labor Day weekend: Many more deals to come in 2018


The month of huge offers and discount is kicking soon! The latest news and updates are on the internet these days. Mostly, these updates are highlighting ‘Labor Day’ weekend. The forthcoming of the national holiday has greatly evolved with the trend for this year. Currently, the updates show that the trend will be running the same ad that in earlier years. But previews have changed with new stocks available. You can easily find corking deals on the utmost hit brands in the year.


When talking about the mattress and bedding industry, they gather huge importance during the time of Bring home the great deals without any compromise. The deals also include offers which can rival Labor Day at this time of the year. The shopkeepers and retailers are searching for attractive ways to easily unsubtle the summer stock along with an effort, in the end, most vast push of the sporting summer and fall seasons. They are alert with the fact that umpteen shoppers will be buying around when the weekend off is about to arrive.


This year Labor Day will be falling on September 4, 2018. The whole week will encircle with the sales promotions for the best brands and favorite picks of consumers. The advertisement for Labor Day’s sales will begin just a few days before the national holiday. Not too soon and not too early! The retailers and showrooms wish to increase the curiosity among the consumers to know more. Well, this is fun! Some special deals will get discussed a week before the holiday. Or else, a little throw on the same would be given soon.


Eager to know about the happenings and events on this Labor Day? Well, your excitation is clearly discoverable. With the help of several investigation stories and internet news posts, it was out that the list of products which you can expect to come out in the approaching sales would be including assorted collection. You’ll discover the best brands in the sales offering huge discounts to customers.

Labor Day mattress sale of 2018 is coming

The biggest mattress sale of the year is just in its way. Just after a few days huge offers and discounts will start on the mattress. If any of you have any plan to buying a mattress, then wait for the which is the perfect time for mattress purchasing. Now you might have any questions regarding this sale so we are trying to give you a brief idea on that which will surely help you.

What is Labor Day sale

In the first week of September United States of America celebrates their Labor Day so for that, all the brands come with their offers and sale on their products. You can find a huge discount on furniture and mattresses during this time. This time all the makers and retailers try to finish their previous stock, so they become ready to give huge discounts on mattresses. You can buy a mattress in half of its price during Labor Day sales 2018.

Popular mattresses of 2018

Now when you are going to purchase a mattress, you must want to you about popular and good mattresses of 2018. Numerous types of mattresses are available in the market. So to help you to choose a good one here, we are mentioning two most popular and good mattresses of 2018, and those are memory foam mattress and innerspring mattress. The innerspring mattress is usually obtainable in shops. Memory foam mattress also makes a good trade in this year so far. You can find high customer ratings for these mattresses on the websites. Quality and price wise both the mattresses are same, so it will be your personal choice to choose any of them.

Which you should avoid?

Like good mattresses, there are some mattresses available in the market which is not so good for health. It is our suggestion to avoid those types of mattresses. Here are some types of that- support mattress, Spongy or solid mattress, The mattress with less warranty, thin mattress, and Movable innerspring mattress. The quality of those mattresses is not good, so it will be better to avoid them during Labor Day sales in 2018.

The norms of buying the right mattress during sales

Labor Day means the end of summer unofficially, but everyone gets a vibe that summers are going to end soon. It is also the time of marvelous sales that happen in every nook of the country. The major part of these sales is seen on Labor Day all through the internet. This is when the internet is flooded with advertisements of offers and deals that are going to be live in Labor Day sale. The guide at has a big attraction towards buying mattresses. Mattresses are always a pricey deal whenever we want to avail them. It is an unnecessarily necessary element to keep ourselves healthy. For every one of us sleeping as important as exercising or maybe even more. To keep the body running with the same potential we all should be able to achieve the best sleep possible all through the night and not just on one night but on each and every night. So that we get up fresh and are completely rejuvenated to go to work.

This three-day shopping weekend helps the customers to think upon the idea of purchasing the suitable mattress type and the day is the crazy time to get deals and huge discounts on mattresses. This sale is much hassle free and very less chaotic than those during the Christmas. So, this is the best time to get the mattresses if we are on the move to buy one very soon.

As we all are very aware of the benefits of a mattress, we should always be aware of buying the right mattress as well. When going to the market or checking deals on the internet, we should always look for the latest technologies and the features available on the mattresses. It is very important to look for if the mattress is suiting our body type or not so we should all check very properly and then buy the mattress. That is the reason this weekend shopping is very important to know and get the right mattress at a price much less than the usual market price.

How To Determine Which The mattress Tends To Last Longer?

Mattresses are one of the big purchases for the average household, costing more than a thousand dollars or even more. In return, the shoppers expect to get several years of service from the new bed. While there are significant characteristics differences among different mattress brands, many shoppers get confused about buying a new mattress. Are you unable to determine which mattress tends to last longer? Follow these helpful tips and buy the best mattress for you from!

Check for the warranty period: 

Most mattress brands offer the maximum warranty period on the mattresses that are really durable. You can determine which mattress tends to last longer by checking its warranty period. In this way, you can choose a durable mattress for you! Additionally, choose a mattress that comes with a longer trial period. Try out the mattress for some time and then decide whether it’s the perfect one for you or not!

Brand value matters: 

On Labor Day sales 2018, different brands offer deals on the latest models. Why does the brand value matter the most? Take an example; if you are a shopper and you have two options to choose from; one is a Macy’s mattress, and another is a least popular brand’s mattress. Which one will you choose? Definitely, you will choose the mattress from the Macy’s, right?

Check how the material responds to pressure:

Check whether the mattress material is capable of holding your weight or not! See how it responds to the pressure that you put over it. On Labor Day sales in 2018, look for a well-designed mattress which is capable of absorbing the pressure. See whether the mattress is actively resisting the body weight or not! If the mattress is capable of distributing the body weight across its entire surface, then it is going to last longer.

If you are going to follow these simple tips, then you are surely going to purchase a perfect mattress for you! Wait for Labor Day Sale to come and grab the most profitable deal for you!